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We provide and install the system of the German Burkhardt Leitner, the PILA Constructiv, particularly practical, technical and fast to install, suitable for the smaller area as the entire hall.

The system we have and that we use is elegant and is far from the systems is usual to see at fairs around the world. We’re talking about always lacquered panels (opaque and / or glossy), electrical always weel mounted, furniture parts, from chairs to tables, chairs by the desk, always of level. We are able to cover important areas, with a result that is always guaranteed and very quickly. We are available after the design to fit one or more prototypes, even at your premises, to show the result and be able to assess every aspect, from the technical to the aesthetic. Our systems, even in the more basic versions, always give a result of level, the materials we use are the real issue wich make the big difference.




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