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About Us

We care about directing and managing events of all sizes in every field, ranging in all sectors, from tourism to alimentary and wine, from fashion to IT, from automotive to medical.

An annual meeting, a kick off the company, bring your most important customers, present a pre-collection, an innovative line or to decide and communicate a particular message.

Your presence at fairs and events, the reception staff, distribution of information materials, the logistics of the material (to and from the exhibition), the provision of audio-video, digital graphics and printing, the organization of the evening events like an happy hour inside or outside the exhibition, floral arrangements, a photo, a cocktail or a full catering.

Whether you need programming and managing a meeting or a conference, an incentive trip or a convention, of fantasy and imagination for your special event or to create and manage a road show, our staff will become your more focused and dynamic companion.

We arrange, manage and coordinate all the necessary skills involved in organizing an event, from creativity to search for the location, from planning to production of the set ups, from researching to the selection of personnel, catering, flowers and plants, the photo shoots, wardrobe etc.

The creativity and expertise of professionals in our study are an important chart support for the realization of our facilities, the stands, the furnishings, the display areas.

Thanks to the most advanced technology and softwares, we can offer the most renowned projects as defined in detail, explore and visit, thanks to 3D and 4D technologies, for exhibition stands as the outdoor display areas, for the furnishings and the location of all our events.





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